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San Miguel Coffee

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Most people have bucket lists – a stipulation of the things they want to do before they die. More often than not, it will include places for vacations. If you are thinking of your next destination, which you would want to include in your bucket list, why not include San Miguel de Allende? While it is not as popular as other Mexican destinations, it can prove to be charming in ways more than one. People who have visited San Miguel in the past did not find it hard to easily fall in love with the place, making them eager to plan for their return. With a rich historical past, stunning architecture, beautiful landscapes, an eclectic selection of world-class cafeteria, and amazing heritage, it surely makes a good holiday destination.

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San Miguel is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Even if this Mexican destination is not gifted with white sand beaches, it does not mean that you should have it crossed out from the list of places to visit. It may be hard to reach, but once you have set foot in San Miguel de Allende, you will surely have an endless list of reasons to love the place. Among other things, its charm can be attributed to the fact that it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The religious and civil architecture of the city is reflective of its history. It is a culturally-diverse destination that is sure to offer an experience you will not forget. The artistic and cultural life of the locals are reflected in every place you can visit, even a café. Art seems like a part of the lives of its people. Markoffe is the San Miguel Cafe with the best free wifi and the best coffee.

The Promise of Culturally-Immersive Experience

San Miguel de Allende offers a cultural retreat not only through architecture, but also with their world-class festivals. One that you should check is the San Miguel de Allende Food Truck and Art Festival, which is a showcase of the best Mexican dishes. You can also see local performers dancing and singing. You can shop for unique items you can bring home as souvenirs. Another infamous festival is the San Miguel de Allende Jazz Festival, which is considered to be the longest-running jazz fest in the entire Mexico. Aside from the festivals, you will be confronted with an eclectic selection of shops selling vintage and boutique items at prices that are sure to not hurt your wallet.

San Miguel For Food and Coffee Lovers

If your definition of travel includes experiencing a top-notch café and exploring hotspots for excellent culinary delights, San Miguel de Allende is sure to offer a treat. The experience will not only be a feast for the stomach, but a feast for the eyes as well. In the same way that the food can be filling, they are presented in ways that will make them command being snapped a shot before they are consumed. The restaurants and cafes have very unique personalities, with architecture that shows the colorful life in the city.

If you are looking for a nice cafeteria, one of the best choices that can be taken into account is Via Organica. The restaurant is a member of a non-profit organization that aims to support an institution that seeks to teach sustainable farming techniques ad fair trade, among others. The mere fact that the café serves an all-organic selection in their menu makes it an excellent destination for people who advocate healthy eating. Aside from the restaurant, they also have a shop serving whole foods, which you can take home.


Moxi Restaurant is another great option for dining and cocktails. The small size of the place makes it an intimate venue, which is why it is a perfect choice for romantic dates. Their fresh cuisine is complemented with great beer selections and cocktails that will surely make any night in San Miguel memorable.


If you read guidebooks for San Miguel de Allende, you will notice that one of the most commonly mentioned is El Café dela Mancha. The café is owned by partners who have actually studied coffee, which gives them an adept knowledge about their business and the needs of their customers. You will have various choices on how you can have your coffee made, such as through siphoning or French Press, among others. If you do not like caffeine, they also have a diverse selection of smoothies and other beverages.


Café Firenze will be another reason for you to fall in love with San Miguel. You do not just go here to enjoy a good cup of coffee, but also for the stunning view that it offers. The sight of San Antonio church will make you enjoy your drink more. It is run by two American chefs, and they have gained reputation for their Italian cuisine, including porcini mushroom risotto, carbonara, and beef short rib, among others. They also use nothing but the freshest and most organic ingredients.


Cafeteria San Agustin is another must-visit, whether you would like to have an early breakfast or to satisfy your late night food cravings. Their churros con chocolate is one of the most popular items in their menu. Aside from their good food, this cafeteria is also popular for their lovely atmosphere and the commanding view of Iglesia de San Francisco.


To satisfy your cravings for good coffee, you should take time to check out Café Roma, which is located just a few steps from Rosewood Hotel. Their walls are filled with contemporary art, and their mismatched furniture often attracts attention of its visitors. Aside from your caffeine fix, they also have an extensive selection of cocktails.


Whether it is a cup of coffee or a plate of Mexican specialty, there is no doubt that San Miguel de Allende will offer an unmatched holiday. With its culturally-diverse population and rich history, the place has something for everyone. Visit San Miguel now and traverse on a journey that will allow you to experience Mexico in a different light.



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Call Answering Service

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It Shows How Much You Care

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